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Tea House Garden Gallery
Palos Verdes, California 1992


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Tea House Garden Palos Verdes, California 1992:

This contemporary residence was built in the sixties in the community of Palos Verdes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In 1991 Glen Hampton garden designs was contacted by its owner who had traveled extensively throughout the Orient. She had always wanted to turn her enclosed front courtyard into a Japanese style garden, but just hadn't found the right designer.

After viewing the Moon Gate Garden featured at that years Pasadena Showcase House of Design the client felt that Landscape Designer Glen Hampton could create the zen garden she desired.

The courtyard space with its tall redwood enclosure and mature pines backdrop was compatible with the Japanese style of landscaping. Landscape Designer Glen Hampton cleared the space of an existing Bermuda grass lawn and fruit trees and started with a clean slate.

A Teak Tea House structure with traditional Japanese Blue Tile Roofing was designed to be the focal point of the garden. Added to that was a koi pond with a traditional Tsukubai water feature and Japanese style zig-zag bridge leading to the tea house.

A plant pallet made up of: Red-Leaf Maple Trees; Azaleas; Fortnight Lilies; Heavenly Bamboo; Japanese Quince; and Mondo Grass were used throughout the courtyard. All ground surfaces were covered with Lomita Pebble to mimic a Japanese Style sand garden. Hand selected boulders were placed in traditional stone groupings. At night, the dramatic garden lighting reflects the entire garden in the koi pond.

All of the traditional Japanese Garden elements selected combine to complete the desired Zen Gardens effect.

Thank you for taking the time to view Our Tea House Garden Gallery Palos Verdes, California 1992... We hope you enjoyed it.

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