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Landscaping Ideas Monthly

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Landscaping Ideas Monthly, Issue #01 -- May 15, 2009

This Months Topic:

How to Select the Right Landscape Designer

Hi <>,

Glen here to share with you my Landscaping Ideas and Advice. Ideas and Advice gained from My Personal Experiences as a Landscape Designer for the last Thirty Years.

Over the next few months I will attempt to Answer The Questions most people have when they are contemplating creating or remodeling their garden. The first questions usually relate to hiring The Right Landscape Designer.

Questions Like:

How do You Find A Landscape Designer ?

How many Designers should You Interview ?

What questions should You be prepared to ask the
   Designers during the Interviews ?

What do You Need to do to prepare for that all
   important first meeting with the Designer ?

Once You've completed the Designer Interviews...
   What criteria should your final selection of a Landscape
   Designer be based on ?

Once You've selected a Designer and the process is
   underway... What problems can you expect to arise
   during the design phase of your project... And how
   should you deal with them ?

Since this is My First Issue Of Landscaping Ideas Monthly Let's start with a little background... When I began my career as a Landscape Designer I assisted my Clients by acting as their agent from the design process; contractor selection process; and all the way thru to completion of the project.

The knowledge I gained of Landscape Designs, Client Relationships, and Landscape Construction during the first fifteen years of my career have proven invaluable. But eventually I found the long hours of trying to wear all the caps (Handling the design and construction phases for my Clients) too stressful.

So, for the last fifteen years I have concentrated my energy focusing on the Design and Budget phases of the projects (Although I do visit the sites a few times as the construction progresses).

I have been able to do this by surrounding myself with a group of contractors and artisans who are familiar with my work and the high standards of quality I demand... Thus I do not have to be on-site overseeing every detail on a daily basis as I was early in my career.

This refined system, and the necessity to surround myself with the best contractors and artisans, has given me a high level of knowledge and experience... Which has served me well when it comes to selecting tradesman and suppliers to implement my Landscape Designs. More importantly it has given me the ability to read my Clients needs and match them up with the best people to help make their Gardens a reality.

It is this Knowledge And Experience in the field of Garden Design and Construction gained over the past three decades that I will be Sharing With You Here...And in future issues of Landscaping Ideas Monthly.

As I mentioned above The First Questions most people have when they are contemplating creating or remodeling their garden relate to hiring a Landscape Designer...

Sorry <>, This Article is going to take a little longer than I thought...

If You are curious about Hiring A Landscape Designer...

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Once You and Your Landscape Designer have finalized
the Garden Designs Plans and Preliminary Budget...
It's time to move on to the next logical step...
The selection of a Landscape Contractor
to implement Your Garden Designs.

But I'll save that topic for next month's issue of
Landscaping Ideas Monthly...The Topic Will Be:

How to Select the Right Landscape Contractor

Until next month, Remember to:

Make Your Garden Living Swell



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